Gadri Babe Kaun San

Gadri Babe Kaun San

Writer:Ajmer Singh
(Sikh Historian)

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Author: Ajmer Singh
Publisher: Singh Brothers
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Book Name: Ghadari Babe Kaun Sun
Who were the Ghadari Revolutioneries ?
Writer: Ajmer Singh (Sikh Historian)
Languag: Punjabi
Publisher: Singh Brothers
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Sardar Ajmer Singh (SIkh Historian)
Born in 1948.
1970 studied at Guru Nanak Engineering collage Ludhiana,left in the middle to be a part of Naksalvadi lehr. He had to stay in hiding for about 11 years and during this time he studied Communism. June1984, attack by Indain Govt on Dabaar sahib, impacted him immensly. This is when he started studying sikh history, sikh political movements, sikh identity and roots. After 1985, he watched and was directly impacted by the two big armed movements in Punjab.
Ajmer Singh has tried to analyse the movements from its deepest roots and various factual impacts and factors for last 31 years. His knowledge and his hold on Punjabi language has helped him articulately express the depth of sikh political movements. His Books genuinely expresses the Khadkoo movements on facts and logic so SIkh nation able to Analyse and present its history to the world and coming Generations in more analytical, factual and truthfully

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