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Sant Ram Udasi 100 Geet

100 Geeet
Writer: Sant Ram Udasi
Compiled by: Punjabi Library

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100 Geet
Writer: Sant Ram Udasi
Compiled by: Punjabi Library
Language: Punjabi
Who was Sant Ram Udasi ?
Sant Ram Udasi was one of the major Punjabi poets emerging out of the Naxalite movement in the Indian Punjab towards the late 1960s, writing about revolutionary and Dalit consciousness. Lok Kavi Sant Ram Udasi Memorial Trust (International) was established as a research foundation focusing on the life and works of Sant Ram Udasi.
During the 1970s he wrote three collections of poetry:
Lahu Bhije Bol (Blood-soaked Words)
Saintan (Gestures)
Chounukrian (the Four-edged)

Born: 20 April 1939
Raisar, Sangrur district
(now Barnala), Punjab
Died: 6 November 1986 (aged 47)
Occupation: Poet,
Language: Punjabi
Nationality: Indian
Ethnicity: Sikh
Citizenship: India
Source of info: Wikipedia

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