Sikh Raj Kiven Baniya

Sikh Raj Kiven Baniya

(2 customer reviews)

By Sohan Singh Sheetal

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Book Name: Sikh Raj Kiven Baniya
Author: Sohan Singh Sheetal
Language: Punjabi
Publisher: Lahore Book Shop
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2 reviews for Sikh Raj Kiven Baniya

  1. Nawraj Singh Sandhu

    Hi when ever I try to read this book, the link taken me to other book from the writer which is ” Sikh Raaj Kiven Geya” instead odd” Sikh Raaj kiven baneya” can you please try to fix the link correctly

    • Punjabi Library

      Thank you for raising this point,We have corrected the link. Please Enjoy reading at Punjabi Library.
      Once again Thank you.

  2. J S Cheema

    Very good book, having very minute details of History of sikhs. Writer has done a lot of research before writing this book.

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